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Last Chance to Speak Out and Make Public Comment!

The new rules for women’s health centers may be final, but the Board of Health STILL needs to hear from you!

June 19th marks the end of the final 30-day public comment period on new regulations for Virginia women's health centers and the last step in a two-year saga to oppose the regulations and keep our clinics open.

We're not going down without a fight - and we need your help!

In April, the Board of Health approved final regulations -- despite overwhelming opposition from Virginia’s medical community, legal experts, women’s health advocates, and the people of Virginia. Since then Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli officially signed off on the regulations, and one of our longest-serving women’s health centers has already been forced to close. Now, in this final stage of the regulatory process, Virginians have one last chance to make public comment before the regulations go into effect.

Tell the Board of Health that you are NOT giving up. CLICK HERE to visit the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website and submit a comment to the Board of Health.

Here are some suggested talking points to use when submitting comment: 

Thank you for taking action!

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