Tell McDonnell and Cuccinelli to Scrap TRAP!

Governor McDonnell announced in mid-October that he is introducing a new regulatory reform initiative to "eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulations” in the Commonwealth.

After pushing Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers (TRAP) that are medically unnecessary and politically motivated, Governor McDonnell is now arguing against burdensome regulations.

This is nothing short of ridiculous. And even worse, McDonnell is now asking Virginians - who have been ignored, shut out, and silenced every step of the TRAP review process - to nominate excessive regulations for elimination. Join us in telling Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli that we have a suggestion for them: Scrap TRAP!

TRAP has absolutely nothing to do with protecting public health and are instead designed to shut down Virginia’s women’s health centers and limit women’s access to safe and legal medical care. Proposed TRAP regulations are the worst form of government intrusion - politically motivated, medically unnecessary, and designed to harm the health of Virginians. If Gov. McDonnell and AG Cuccinelli are at all serious about regulatory reform, TRAP must be the first to go.

Tell Gov. McDonnell and AG Cuccinelli to Scrap TRAP!