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Contact the Governor

Call on Governor McDonnell to protect women’s access to reproductive health care and put a stop to the politics at patient expense!

Call the governor’s office at 804-786-2211 or email here.

Here are some suggested talking points to use when contacting the governor:

Urge Governor McDonnell to stand with Virginia women, and not place their lives and health in danger by pursuing a narrow, political agenda.  

In March of 2011, Governor McDonnell signed Senate Bill 924, a bill that classifies women’s health centers in the state as a category of hospitals. These laws are called "TRAP laws,” which stands for Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers.

As a result of Senate Bill 924, the Virginia Department of Health crafted new, unnecessary, and onerous regulations for women's health centers in the state. The Board of Health, under pressure from the Attorney General’s office, took a final vote on April 12, 2013 to approve the regulations. 

Under these regulations, women’s health centers in Virginia will now be subjected to burdensome rules that threaten the continued availability of safe, legal first-trimester abortion and comprehensive reproductive health care throughout the state.

Join us as we express our outrage at these regulations as dangerous for Virginia women and demand that permanent regulations are based in medicine, not politics!

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