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Op-Ed and Editorials

Virginia's Phony Concern, The Washington Post
Editorial: Bad Medicine from Drs. McDonnell and Cuccinelli, The Washington Post
Editorial: Occupy the Suggestion Box, The Roanoke Times
Side Effects of AG's Activism, The Virginian-Pilot
Remley Resignation Exposes McDonnell's Far-Right Flank, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Editorial: A Resignation Based on Principle, InsideNoVA
Editorial: Abortion: Remley Steps Down, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Editorial: Unhealthy Politics Bad for Virginians, The News Leader

Editorial: Abortion Clinic Rules: Tragedy, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Editorial: AG's Threat is Not Grounded in Law, The Roanoke Times
Editorial: AG 1, Democracy 0, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Ken Cuccinelli Bullies a State Board Into Surrender, The Washington Post
Abortion Foes Win Clinic Fight, The Virginian-Pilot
Autocrat or Attorney General?, The Virginian-Pilot

Schapiro: Cuccinelli Was Just Doing His Job, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Editorial: Who Writes the Rules?, The Roanoke Times
Op-Ed: Keep Politics Out of Examining Room, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Editorial: Mr. Cuccinelli's Abortion Crusade, The Washington Post

Op-Ed: Movahed: Virginia's Controversy Continues, The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Editorial: Cuccinelli's Head Games, The Roanoke Times

Editorial: AG Stomps on Clinic Rules, The Virginian-Pilot

Editorial: Degree of Honesty in Abortion Rules, The Virginian-Pilot

Op-Ed: Doctors, Not Politicians, Belong in Examining Rooms, The Virginian-Pilot

Op-Ed: Metro columnist Dan Casey: Clinic dragnet likely not after just the facts, The Roanoke Times

Editorial: Good Medicine or Bad Politics?, The Roanoke Times

Editorial: Virginia's Assault on Women, The Roanoke Times

Op-Ed: Separate and Unequal Regulations for Women, The Roanoke Times

Op-Ed: Harbach: Proposed Regulations are Bad Law, Bad for Women, The Richmond Times Dispatch

Editorial: Save Access to Safe Abortion, The Roanoke Times

Op-Ed: Setting a TRAP, The Virginian-Pilot

Op-Ed: Moran's News Commentary: Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health, The Falls Church News-Press

Op-Ed: A Political TRAP for Women, The Cavalier Daily, The University of Virginia Student Newspaper

Op-Ed: Doors Shut to Va. Abortion Clinics, The Bullet, The University of Mary Washington Student Newspaper

Editorial: Abortion Regs: Expand or Repeal, The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Op-Ed: Va. Board of Health's 'Kangaroo Court', The Daily Press

Editorial: Virginia's Abortion End Run, The Washington Post

Editorial: Virginia's New Moralists, The Daily Press

Op-Ed: Place Safe Medical Care Above Politics, The Roanoke Times

OB-GYN: Virginia TRAP Regulations Will Compromise Patient Confidentiality and Safety, RH Reality Check

Editorial: A Back Door Attempt to Outlaw Abortion, The Roanoke Times

Op-Ed: Abortion Foes Risk Women's Health, The Daily Press

Op-Ed: Protecting The Health of Women, Del. Ken Plum in the Augusta Free Press
Editorial: Clouded Push for Abortion Rules, The Virginian-Pilot

Editorial: Targeting Abortions, The Washington Post

Editorial: New Rules in an Old Battle, The Roanoke Times

Dr. James Kenley, former Virginia State Health Commissioner from 1976-1986, speaks out:

"The Warning Kansas Sends to the Women of Virgnia" at RH Reality Check

"Kansas Should Serve as a Warning to Virginia Women" at Feministe

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